About us

Our Mission

365Dfarms is a part of MBees Products and Services, a start-up based in Pune India from 2016. Our Mission is ” To Build a Sustainable technological Education System for the Agriculture Sector, spread knowledge of hydroponics and to help, implement sustainable hydroponic technology in urban environments.

Go Grow Green

Since 2016, 365DFarms working to grow and serve high-quality fresh food 365 days a year. The concept of soilless agriculture, Controlled-environment agriculture and hydroponics systems is embedded together to deliver pesticides, residue-free fresh and clean food to our customers.

Acquiring soilless agriculture is beneficial because it saves not less than 90% of irrigated water. The benefits also include using a nearly recycled fixed amount of water along with this, most of the vegetable crops succeed and give the highest productivity in soilless agriculture than ordinary agriculture. Using the CEA method increases food safety by removing sources of contamination, increasing the security of supply as it is unaffected by environmental conditions, eliminating seasonality, creating stable market pricing which is good for farmers and consumers alike. As hydroponics does not require the use of pesticides, the plants growing in hydroponic systems are healthy and thriving, leaving them less vulnerable to pest attacks. One more outstanding feature of hydroponically grown vegetables is the higher uptake of nutrients compared to conventionally grown plants. It means that hydroponic farmers can not only save a lot of money spent on fertilizer but also produce safer food in a cleaner environment. 

Considering all these aspects, 365DFarms is working to spread knowledge of hydroponics everywhere and help others to implement sustainable hydroponic technology in urban environments with the message Go Grow Green“. 

Shailesh Modak

Founder & CEO